Commercial Gym Treadmill Superfit-5050 for Sale

Shop our wide range of Ntaifitness Fitness home and gym treadmills for sale. Our treadmills for commercial gyms have a reputation for reliability and comfort.

A typical Ntaifitness Life Long Fitness treadmill, whether folding or non-folding, has great cushioning and a spacious track. These treadmills have automated inclines and allow for ramp micro-adjustment with settings in half-degree intervals. Wireless and contact heart rate monitoring is supported and most Life Fitness treadmills have heart rate controlled workout programs.
The top treadmills from this brand, the Club Series, and Platinum Club Series, are available with touch-screens and can display high-definition virtual reality workout videos.

NtaiFitness treadmills are all high quality but there's lots of variety.

Second, to none, the Ntaifitenss Superfit-5050 commercial treadmill has redefined performance-grade quality. The elite in every category, these commercial grade treadmills pack a 3.0 hp AC motor, durable steel construction, and every premium features your training program demands.
With Bluetooth technology built directly into the console, your training information is synced seamlessly at the push of a button. Run with confidence, the Ntaifitenss Superfit-5050 professional treadmill comes with our full commercial warranty and is the perfect high-end treadmill for any home or gym setting. Combining a low maintenance/high mileage commercial belt.
The Ntaifitenss Superfit-5050’s 3.0 hp commercial AC motor provides tremendous torque at low speeds for heavy walkers and smooth, continuous power at high speeds for the elite athlete. The heart of your product, we put only the highest-quality, longest-lasting motors into every treadmill we produce. Rest assured, you’re getting the strongest, most durable piece of technology available.

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Today the company continues to lead as a producer of high-quality treadmills, exercise bikes, free weights and other fitness equipment. Our treadmills are made in China for good quality control and price control, and customer service.
Ntaifitenss products carry competitive warranties and consistently earn positive reviews for durability, smooth operation, and useful programming.

Life Long Treadmill, Wholesale Various High-Quality Life Long Treadmill Products from Global Life Long Treadmill Suppliers and Life Long Treadmill Factory Ntaifitenss.

ピラティスマシン販売 ピラティスリフォーマー トラピーズテーブル キャディラック

ピラティスマシン販売 ピラティスリフォーマー トラピーズテーブル キャディラック



ピラティスマシン販売 ピラティスリフォーマー トラピーズテーブル キャディラック


トラピーズテーブル チェアー ラダーバレル スパイ ステップバレル ンコレクター リフォーマー キャデラック チェア 「バレル

ピラティスは筋肉強化、バランスを整える、姿勢矯正、リラックス、心身の緊張をほぐす、リハビリ、精神安定などなど効果を挙げるとまさにミラクル。でも、人間の身体って自然にこれらのミラクルを実現する機能を持っているんです。時間的にも、知識的にも、自分だけでは難しい…。抜け道が見つからない…。背中をそっと押してもらえれば何かが変わる…。そんな方に是非一度体験してもらいたい。 ピラティスはドイツ人ジョセフ・ピラティス氏によって考案されたプログラムで呼吸法とインナーマッスル(深部にある小さな筋群)の強化にポイントを置いています。機能的でバランスの取れた美しい身体をつくることを目的をしたプログラムです。ヨガはインドで生まれ主に呼吸法とアーサナと言われるポーズをとることで、心身のバランスを整え自分の心と身体を見つめ直すことを目的としたプログラムです。



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Pilates Equipment - Pilates Equipment Manufacturers in China

Pilates Equipment - Pilates Equipment Manufacturers in China

Buy The Best Pilates Equipment Form China Pilates Equipment Manufacturers,Select 2018 High Quality Pilates Machine Products in Best Price Supplied by NtaiFitness,Get Active Today with an Unlimited Best Price. Pilates Reformer for Sale!

what is pilates
Pilates (pronounced "puh-lah-teez") is a system of over 500 controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the total body. It is a balanced blend of strength and flexibility training that improves posture, reduces stress and creates long, lean muscles without bulking under the careful supervision of a certified Pilates instructor, either one-on-one or in small group sessions. These professionals are highly trained specialists who know how to tailor a Pilates program to meet individual needs and abilities, monitoring movements to ensure correct form for optimum results.

As Pilates grows in popularity, Pilates classes are being offered not only at specialized studios but also at gyms, health clubs, spas, rehabilitation clinics, senior facilities and community centers around the world.

There are also plenty of Pilates videos on the market, - such as the Winsor Pilates, Stott Pilates and the Gaiam Living Arts Series - that allow you to experience the strengthening, stretching and toning techniques right at home.

Pilates vs. Yoga
Compared to yoga postures, Pilates poses are strikingly similar, yet there are some profound differences.

Yoga is an ancient practice that was originally practiced in Northern India over 5,000 years ago. Pilates was inspired by the ancient yoga asanas about 80-years ago by Joseph Pilates, a German athlete
The Pilates method is a complicated system of effective but gentle whole-body conditioning and corrective exercises. It was first practiced by dancers and gained mass attention in recent years because of its largely aesthetic body sculpting effects. Yoga is a lifestyle, rather then simply an exercise. Its known as the path to both physical and mental well-being. It includes everything from physical postures and healthy diet to breathing, relaxation and meditation skills.
Pilates mainly concentrates on cultivating core strength in the body and lengthening the spine. Also, Pilates is a valuable tool for increasing strength, definition and proper posture. Yoga aims to work the body equally and unite the body with mind and spirit. Yoga is often considered therapeutic, when compared to Pilates, as it helps people find harmony and release stress.
Breathing and concentration are fundamental to both practices; however yoga employs breath on a deeper level. The slight difference between them is that Pilates instructs one to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth; while in yoga, one is taught to inhale and exhale through the nose only.
Yoga has many different styles, but all are generally performed in a group setting on a yoga mat with the aid of a yoga instructor. Pilates has a full component of mat work, but it also incorporates work on Pilates machines which help build a longer, leaner, dancer-like physique.
Cotton fitted clothing is recommended for both Pilates and yoga practitioners. Pilates method doesnt rely as much on extra props - such as blocks, straps, blankets, etc. - as yoga does.
Pilates Workouts
For Pilates beginners, the exercises are hard at first because your body will need to adjust to the feeling of using supporting muscles for the balancing and strengthening movements. Start practicing slowly, as your body allows, and more exercises can be added to your routine once your body adapts.

Almost everyone can do Pilates. The Pilates classes are usually held through fitness centers or local gyms. Most of them incorporate mat work in the total workout (which means you do your workout on the mat) and sometimes balls are used in beginners classes. You will be taught to concentrate on your muscles and instructors will guide you through each move and explain why you're performing each move and what your body is doing.

Some advanced classes offer machine work for Pilates students. The machines can improve and intensify your workout by using your own body as resistance. If your class includes machine work, make sure your instructor is certified, so that he/she can teach you proper, effective and safe poses.

To ensure your comfort, wear cotton clothes - such as a T-shirt or tank top and shorts - during practice. Shoes are not necessary. When you perform the poses, every movement should be slow, but flexible and strong. Since Pilates is commonly performed at a leisurely pace, you might want to pair Pilates workouts with another more intense aerobic exercise - such as swimming, running, cardio machines (elliptical, stepper or cross trainer) or brisk walking to get your heart rate going.

Pilates History
German-born fitness innovator Joseph H. Pilates (1881-1967) developed the Pilates exercise system in the 1920s. His interest in physical fitness stemmed from a determination to strengthen his own body and improve his health after a sickly childhood. With a background in yoga, Zen meditation, martial arts and other ancient fitness techniques plus some success as a gymnast, diver and boxer, Joseph Pilates devised a unique sequence of movements that worked the mind and muscle in harmony.

He fine-tuned his wellness regimen while interning in England during the First World War, claiming it helped him and his fellow internees resist an influenza epidemic. Working as an orderly at an infirmary, he engineered a way to rig springs on hospital beds to offer light resistance exercises to bedridden patients, and thus the seed for Pilates equipment was planted.

After the war, Joseph Pilates moved to New York and with his wife, Clara Pilates, opened up a studio near the New York City Ballet in 1926. It wasn't long before he drew a following with dancers who took to Pilates for its ability to create long, lean muscles and a strong, streamlined physique. Legends Martha Graham and George Balanchine were among his clientele.

In 1945, Joseph Pilates published Return to Life Through Contrology, which described his philosophical approach to exercise. Soon, some of his students began opening studios of their own - some making subtle adaptations to the method - and word of Pilates slowly spread.

Pilates didn't really hit the big time, however, until the 1990s. The mind-body fitness movement took off as baby boomers started seeking gentler paths to health and wellness. Ancient techniques such as yoga and tai chi enjoyed a resurgence of popularity and Pilates followed suit.

No longer that enigmatic workout on strange contraptions, Pilates' reputation broke free from elitist studios and started popping up at neighborhood gyms. Hollywood celebrities and top athletes started singing its praise and the press picked up the story.

The Pilates "buzz" has taken on a life of its own, perhaps enhanced by Mari Winsor and that ubiquitous Winsor Pilates infomercial, but the positive results purport that this is more than a passing fitness fad. Joseph Pilates always claimed he was ahead of his time, and his legacy lives on beyond his wildest expectations.

Pilates Benefits
Beneficial for people of all ages, aptitudes and fitness levels, Pilates is more than a passing exercise trend.Pilates has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity, due in part to celebrity endorsements. After years of high-impact, make-em-sweat, feel-the-burn fitness workouts, there is great appeal in a slower, safer, sensible approach to health and wellness.

Pilates conditions the body from head to toe with a no- to low-impact approach suitable for all ages and abilities. It requires patience and practice, but results will follow.

Beware of Pilates programs that promise dramatic weight loss or overnight transformations. That's not what pure Pilates is about. However, with time and dedication, Pilates practice can:

Improve strength, flexibility and balance.
Tone and build long, lean muscles without bulk.
Challenge deep abdominal muscles to support the core.
Engage the mind and enhance body awareness.
Condition efficient patterns of movement making the body less prone to injury.
Reduce stress, relieve tension, boost energy through deep stretching.
Restore postural alignment.
Create a stronger, more flexible spine.
Promote recovery from strain or injury.
Increase joint range of motion.
Improve circulation.
Heighten neuromuscular coordination.
Offer relief from back pain and joint stress.
Correct over-training of muscle groups which can lead to stress and injury.
Enhance mobility, agility and stamina.
Compliment sports training and develop functional fitness for daily life activity.
Improve the way your body looks and feels.

Pilates exercises can be performed on a mat, with literally hundreds of beginner to advanced moves available in the repertoire for a well-rounded workout on the floor. However, there are five major pieces of specialized Pilates equipment, the Pilates Reformer, the Pedipull or the modern Pilates Resistance Bands, The Pilates Cadillac, The Pilates Barrel and The Pilates Chair- plus a few smaller accessories or Pilates Props - that can add a whole new level of interest and intensity to the Pilates experience.

Some Pilates equipment, like the classic Pilates Circles, offer spring resistance, others like the Pilates Spine Supporter, offer support , and a variety of unique exercises for the total body can be performed on each piece. Again, a purely mat-based routine is an authentic and effective Pilates workout by itself, but if you have the opportunity to explore some Pilates equipment under the guidance of a trained professional, do so!

Pilates Manufacturers
Pilates exercise is a series of exercises designed to improve strength and flexibility through repeated stretching and balancing. Some manufacturers that design and sell the necessary Pilates props (mats and rings) and equipment (reformers and Wunda chairs) can help you bring Pilates home or send you running with a sore spine.

ou see, inventing Pilates equipment was at first rather rudimentary business. Joseph Pilates invented his first Pilates machinery constructed crudely of hospital beds with springs and strings haphazardly attached. Various pieces of equipment were created thanks to Pilates, but today Pilates enthusiasts have joined efforts to make these machines safer, more affordable, more convenient, more efficient and more comfortable for the average Pilates student.

Due to its popularity and the increasing demand for equipment, almost every Pilates manufacturer was compelled to develop their own Pilates pieces in the beginning.

The main Pilates equipment pieces are available on our website. Click on the links to learn more about each piece!

Pilates Training and Equipment Packages for Sale

How To Open A Gym With No Money

Starting a gym business, just like any other small business is usually a difficult endeavour. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and determination. It also takes money. But, you don’t need to break the bank to start your gym business. With the global craze for fitness, more and more passionate people should endeavour to open a fitness centre yesterday!

Want to know how to open a gym with no money?
Ntaifitenss,whish is the best commercial gym equipment manufacturers in china,weill tell you,Here is list of tips you can adopt to help you get your gym or Health club off the ground.

How To Open A Gym With No Money

Do A Financial Inventory

So are you ready to jump in and start your own gym by learning how to open a gym with no money? Make sure you understand what financial estimates are, and what it will take to breakeven. For many start-ups, the journey to breakeven does not happen instantly. Know what your personal expenses are and the projected expenses to operate your business. Then taking into account any current income, calculate how much you will need to make to keep the doors open.

Be Realistically Grounded

This is a crucial aspect of keeping your budget down when trying to figure out how to open a gym with no money. Be realistic about your current state of affairs. Today you may not be in a position to open a 2,500 square foot fitness complex right off the bat, and that’s okay. You can still work towards that. Start by doing home appointments at clients’ homes instead and gradually build up clientele, minus the overheads. With time you can rent out gym space within your vicinity.

How to Open Your Own Gym,Simple Tips for Setting Up a Gym

Utilize Low Cost Marketing Techniques

A great way to do this is using paid referrals or business cards to market the business at a low cost. You can also collect clients’ business cards at your front desk, and send them new info about your business from time to time. Investing in a website and using social media to give out free trials of your services is also fairly inexpensive way to market yourself. Another effective and cost effective way of building your brand is by wearing your business – on your gym wear!

Import Gym Equipment From China

Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth is actually a free resource that you can utilize when figuring out how to open a gym with no money. When clients see results, they will want to share the good news with others. So bring you’re A game to work every day. Unleash your passion on your customers, going over and above what they are paying for whenever necessary, just to help build your brand.

Don’t Overdo It

At this point you don’t need another trainer, or an assistant or receptionist. Start with just yourself as an employee. This will not only keep your costs down, but you will be taking in all the money. You also don’t need any extravagant equipment utilising the latest technology just yet. Just bring your confidence and professionalism to work every day, giving your clients encouragement and challenges that yield rsesults.

Why You Need a New Gym Specialist for Your New Gym

Say Hello Ntaifitness B2B online

Say Hello Ntaifitness B2B online

In order to provide better services, we have opened the B2B marketing platform.Alibaba International Station is China's prestigious B2B online marketing platform,With the platform resources of Alibaba International Station, we can provide customers with a high quality online purchasing experience and a credible trading environment faster and better.

The platform supports a multi-language environment and we can better serve our global customers.

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Exercising your leg muscles is an important
Exercising your leg muscles is an important path to achieving a balanced and well-defined physique. It also makes you achieve a more complete body training routine easily as it helps improve your strength and flexibility. Leg exercise usually follows the natural movement of the leg but differs in that resistance is added to the exercise to make it harder. This results to stronger muscles in the legs. The fitness equipment market offers different types of leg exercise equipment and this will be discussed in details here;

leg extension leg curl machine

seated leg extension

Leg press machine names
One of the most popular types of leg exercise equipment out there today is the leg press machines. The leg press machine comes in various types too, namely: diagonal, Horizontal Leg Curl, sled type, seated, lever-seated and lastly, the 45-degree leg press machine. No matter what type of leg press machine you have, they all serve a common purpose and that is to improve your lower body strength.

leg extension leg curl machine

To start exercising your legs and thighs with a leg press, sit on the machine and hook your feet closely against the crosspiece. Ensure your toes are pointed a bit outward and shoulder-width apart. Grasp the handle grips (located at the sides of the seat) and bend your knees. Lower the weight as much as possible without changing your hips position.

Make sure you don’t lower the weight too far that your hips begin to shake up off the seat! Now slowly raise the weight up with your heels, rather than with your toes. Make sure you take the weight up above your knees before you lock your knees. Then slowly begin to lower the weight again by repeating the process. You can alter your feet positions to vary the angle on your leg muscles.

prone leg curl

How To Tone Your Legs At The Gym

Another common type of leg exercise equipment is the leg extension machine which can be used to improve strength for your thighs.

To start exercising your legs with a leg extension machine, sit on the machine and put your feet under the padded bar, then, adjust the seat to make your knees hang off well.

linear leg press

Grasp the handle grips on the leg extension machine to keep your hips from curling up as you perform the exercise. As you remain seated on the leg extension machine, extend your legs until your knees are straight. Push the weight up all the way, lock your knees and pause briefly, then start to slowly lower the weight back to its original position. Repeat this range of motion and you will feel your leg muscles being worked throughout the entire process. Never swing the machine weight up!

commercial leg curl extension machine for sale Standing Leg Curl Machine ONEUP-3012

Other leg exercise equipment include calf machine which works on the calf muscles, leg curl machine which targets the knee muscles.

Incorporating leg exercises into your routine exercise will ensure a balanced and thorough workout. It is important to note that most leg exercise equipment come with heavy weight materials in their routine program, so it is highly important to be extraordinarily careful when using them to prevent accidents and injuries.

Cheap leg press machines for sale
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