Names of Workout Equipment

Names of Workout Equipment

Exercise machines are easier to use once you understand the names often reflect the equipment function. Most have names with words like "press," "curl" and "pull." Others describe the position you need to be in to perform an exercise, or they identify the muscle group the machine works.

There are all kinds of gym equipment names in gyms


The treadmill is the most popular aerobic training equipment, all commercial gyms, including some of the larger fitness studio will be equipped with treadmills, and super easy to use, press the button, adjust the speed and slope are simple and convenient! In order to be more efficient, it is best to concentrate on the running time, let go of the handle
Elliptical machine: The elliptical machine is also a popular class of aerobic training equipment in the commercial gym, running trajectory-like oval. An elliptical machine on the lower limb joint impact is small, is very suitable for novice and heavier practitioners of a class of aerobic equipment. , To keep the body vertical, the body is, the body should not lean forward, chest rise, visual front, Shenzhu relax.

Spinning bike

The spinning bike is also a very popular gym in the class of aerobic training equipment, very popular with the public. Small size does not take place, at home it can be a good sport! Free control of resistance and adjust the speed, eliminating the need for climate interference, supply relatively small, the same can get the benefits of exercise. To say that the most popular group of gym class, then non-dynamic cycling is none other than, In the past, studies have pointed out that the use of dynamic cycling sprint plus rest of the high-intensity intermittent training, can be effective in reducing fat. Dynamic cycling increased resistance, constantly trampling the process, can strengthen the lower extremity muscle endurance, the overall effect of good exercise.

Rowing machine

Rowing machine is a very popular aerobic training equipment, it can be said that the true sense of the body aerobic exercise A rowing machine with sitting position, so the impact of lower limb joints is also smaller, this is a need to call the whole body muscles involved in aerobic exercise, practice, your lower limbs, back on the back, arms need to force, need the body Coordination with, is a very effective Practice mode.

Step machine (stepper)

The stair machine requires the practitioner to move in the vertical direction, and for the less trained practitioner, even if the minimum load practice, there may be some difficulty, so the stair machine is more suitable for better physical practitioners.

Leg Press Machine

The leg press machine is set at a 45-degree angle. It allows you to lift weights at a healthy and safe level without having to worry about them falling on you. It also places less stress on your back and knees than you'd have with a traditional barbell or free weights. You can use the leg press for both legs or one leg at a time.

Bench Press

The bench press exercises the chest or pectoral muscles. It also works the triceps or small muscles in the upper back of the arm and shoulders. Bench machines come in many forms. You may find a seated bench press where you can sit upright, or a supine bench press, which means you use it face-up. The decline places your feet in a position higher than your head. The incline bench has you sitting at a slight angle facing upright so you can work the upper and lower pectoral muscles.

Lat Pull-Down

The lat pull-down works the latissimus dorsi muscles, which run along the side of the back. You have to pull the bar down in front of your head to your collarbone, and not in the back of your head. That could bring on shoulder impingement syndrome.

Seated Hip Abductor

The Hip Abductor works the thighs and glutes without placing pressure on the spine. You can also perform it while standing. You have to loop a resistance band around both legs below the knees, then take small steps. Go to the left 20 feet, and then side-step back to the right for 20 feet.

Leg Extension

The leg extension is good for isolating and strengthening the quadriceps muscles. It's a safe and effective machine to warm up the knee joints before you move on to challenging exercises such as the leg press or squat machines.
Leg Curls: Many machines work several muscles like the hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and glutes. The leg curl machine is what you want if you're isolating the hamstring muscles. Some gyms combine the leg press and leg curl. You can also warm up the hamstrings using a leg curl machine before moving on to more challenging exercises.

Smith Machine

This machine provides many of the same benefits a traditional squat might, but this one doesn't demand you hold a barbell across your back. That's a safety risk since it places unnecessary pressure on your spine. Novice users may find the machine easier to use and safer than traditional squats because there's less room for error. It also allows you to perform squats using more of the quadriceps or muscles in the front of the leg. Traditional squats engage more of the hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps.

Hyperextension Bench

This bench works the lower back, hamstrings, and glutes. You can also do sit-ups on it to work your abdominals. To increase resistance, you can hold a weight in your arms or hands while performing on the bench.