Top 10 Easy Ways to Add Exercise to Your Day

Top 10 Easy Ways to Add Exercise to Your Day

Who likes to exercise? Yep, that's just what I thought, no one. Exercising is not only boring and time consuming, but it also makes you sore and stinky. Try these ntaifitness gym equipment

But, what if I told you there were easy ways to exercise? There really are several ways to exercise that are not only easy, but some are actually fun as well.

Easy Ways to Exercise #1: Go Shopping
Shopping is a really easy way to exercise. Find a nice large mall and shop your heart out. When you're shopping you don't actually realize that you're getting exercise. Just be sure to stay away from the more fattening restaurants in the food court.

Easy Ways to Exercise #2: Take the Stairs
Yes, it is easy to take the elevator, but it's just as easy to take the stairs. Taking the stairs really works your calf muscles.

Easy Ways to Exercise #3: Park Far Away
When you go to work or the store park in the back of the parking lot. Walking back and forth is an easy way to get exercise. Plus, if you can't decide whether or not to splurge and get that new DVD player you can always walk back to the store and feel good about getting some extra exercise.

Easy Ways to Exercise #4: Walk Rather Than Drive
When you go to a shopping center and need to go to stores at opposite ends of the center, park at one end and walk to the other rather than driving. Also if you live close to where you work, walk rather than driving. Not only are these easy ways to exercise, but they will also save you some money.

Easy Ways to Exercise #5: Go Hiking
Hiking is easy because it doesn't feel like exercise. Hiking to a waterfall or planning a romantic picnic at the end of your hike is actually fun and when's the last time you exercised and had fun? Just remember to pack foods that healthy.

Easy Ways to Exercise #6: Play Sports
I love to play sports and when I do I don't feel like I'm exercising at all. If you like to play basketball or tennis go out and have some fun with your friends.

Easy Ways to Exercise #7: Clean
Let's face it, cleaning is part of life. But, cleaning is also an easy way to exercise. Cleaning basically allows you to kill two birds with one stone because you're not only making your home look good, but you're also exercising at the same time.

Easy Ways to Exercise #8: Do Some Gardening
This is another way to kill two birds with one stone. Gardening is not only an easy way to exercise, but it's also a way to constantly have healthy foods on hand. Even if you just have a small flower bed, use that area for tomatoes. You won't believe the difference in home grown and store bought tomatoes.

Easy Ways to Exercise #9: Lift Small Weights
Lifting small weights is an easy way to exercise because it can be done while you're doing other things. You can even get weights to wrap around your ankles that you can wear while you're shopping. You can also lift weights while you watch TV, read, or even talk on the phone.

Easy Ways to Exercise #10: Play With Your Kids

Everyone should take more time to play with their kids. Playing with your kids requires a lot of energy. Also you don't realize that you're exercising because you're having so much fun.