How to Meet Someone at the Gym

How to Meet Someone at the Gym

Meeting someone at the gym isn't easy to do. Not everyone is there to be picked up for dates, so you need to understand this before your approach.

The gym anatomy is pretty much the same anywhere - you have the gym machines, free weights, cardio machines and the mats.

The aerobics room is often sectioned off from everything else, so in large part, the dancing ladies are out of play.

During your workout, have the following points in mind for the rest of the gym area - read the signs and consider the slow build up approach with a few opening lines readily available for the initial hello.

Some women, for instance, dislike a man's approach at the gym because they feel they don't look their best - they are sweaty, red in the face and their hair is tied back.

They keep their headsets mounted to their head or have that "I'm minding my own business-type look." Don't waste your time striking up a conversation with these folks; they aren't that interested.
If you can, take a peek at the person's hand for a wedding ring.

If the person you have your eye on doesn't have a wedding ring or is exercising without a magazine or music, you've got a 50 percent chance at this point for a successful approach.

Slow Build Up
Meeting someone at the gym may start with some eye contact, a smile and then a "hi, how's your workout going" (or use your own opening). If a pleasant exchange occurs, that's a good sign.

Come back the next time and build upon that exchange. You're not going in for the quick kill, but the gradual approach will create some trust and a little mystery in the other person's mind.

If used properly, the slow build up approach can be your ally. When the timing is right, ask that certain someone about meeting for coffee.


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